Share Faith...

With a Ministry

Are you looking to start, join, or grow your ministry? This section will offer advice and resources that you can use in ministry, with a focus on the ministries in which woman most often participate. 

5 Must-Knows for Teaching in Children’s Ministry

5 MORE Must-Knows for Teaching in Children’s Ministry

With Your Character

Do you give off light or darkness to those around you? Learn more about what the Bible has to say about the many facets of our character and its effect on others in this section. 

6 Benefits of a Humble Life

5 Ways to Be Humble

4 Truths About Humility

Thankful in Hard Times: 3 Truths That Make Thanks Possible

Cultivate Gratitude: How to Transform a Negative Attitude into Gratitude


With Your Children

Is raising your children to follow the Lord challenging at times? You can use the lesson plans and  family challenges found in this section to share and grow faith in your children. 

COMING SOON! Build-Up Challenge: Teaching Your Children to Follow Ephesians 4:29