Proof of God Exists in the Unexplainable

Do you believe in God?

Do you believe in god? Atheists and unbelievers struggle to find faith in god without evidence and proof.


A broken branch the size of a small tree trunk plunges through the passenger window, aimed directly at his heart. The photo shares the story of a man killed in a horrific car crash.

You cannot study the image of a great oak enveloping a truck, the tree’s appendages greedily searching for a life to take, and conclude anything other than a premature end.

This picture of mortality, of a life removed by a part of nature usurping its power, epitomizes what I hate about conclusions. They are finite and closed minded. The end of all that is possible.

But isn’t life full of possibilities?

I believe it is. Possibilities provide options for what seems finite and immovable. They give us hope for truths we have yet to find.

Whether you want to find faith in God, you’ve lost faith, or you believe in atheism, you must choose if you will believe in God.

I long for the truth that lingers between what our eyes see, what science discovers, and what our human intellect derives from the world around us. I refuse to accept that what we see is all we get and that the smashed-up truck picture tells me everything.

Could it be that the menacing beast tree, busting through the windshield of a crumpled truck, hides another explanation?

Could the truth of the photo lie in the unexplainable?

It is, in fact, the inability to accept unexplainable possibilities that steals your opportunity to meet God. A reliance on facts binds your life to earth, trapping it with a terminal and all-consuming hopelessness that leads to death. Nothing more. Nothing less.

What’s the point of your existence if at the end of it all you’re fated for a finish that erases you out of the picture?

There’s more to life than this, more than the here and now and life and death.

There’s more to life than putting your trust in what you believe to be undeniable fact. Because in the time it takes you to careen towards your end, your truth no longer matters. It chokes out of you and into the air like your last breath.

Still, you cling to what you know today though it could change tomorrow, don’t you?

You rely on science that revises and develops as new information becomes available and you celebrate technological advances that will become archaic in the years to come. Somehow explanations that change over time triumph over the unexplainable.

Does that make you uneasy? Slightly skeptical that what you thought you knew could quite possibly bleed into a world you know nothing about?

Have you ever thought that God is real?

I hope it’s at least a possibility for you.

Can you imagine your future without the proof of it coming to fruition? Then why is it difficult to consider that God is real without worldly evidence of His existence? Click To Tweet

Both rely on what could be and pave a pathway towards what will be. But it takes exploration of the unknown and unexplainable to find faith in God. It requires a shift in your thinking.

God can’t be real to you, if you don’t see the flaws of long-held paradigms that keeps us in a hamster wheel prison.

We can fight for the end of hate, but it will never cease to exist.

We can fill ourselves with knowledge and never come close to knowing it all.

We can find solutions to social inequality, yet create more of it in the process.

Your attempt to create a better world should fill you up, but doesn’t it break you down? You’re too busy fabricating hope and peace that you risk missing the unexplainable hope and peace that comes only with faith in God.

Can you see it—that deeply rooted, hunk of wood getting in your way? It prevents you from moving forward. It steals your attention. It yearns to drive its dagger limbs into you, cutting you off completely from anything real and true and living.

At this point you may be saying…

I don’t know if I believe in God or if there is a god.

And that’s okay. We all get stuck. Stuck believing that there’s no way we can survive a head on collision with a massive trunk of unexplainable. Stuck clutching to what we’ve always believed.

Heck, I get stuck and I know God exists.

I want answers, facts that explain why humanity can’t muster up the know-how to live in peace. How injustice and tragedy prevails despite our constant weeding of evil.

And then there’s that tree again, ready to thrust into us, and we cannot ignore it. We question if we can escape it as it stonewalls our attempt to enter the unknown wilderness. It yells at us:

If a loving God exists, why would He allow the deep and life-taking pain of a jagged branch to stab through your heart? Click To Tweet

Could the answer be that God doesn’t allow it and that instead He’s trying to save us from Adam and Eve’s tree disaster mess?

God is good, God is love, and God is truth.

You could be blind to this because the life-sucking tree blocks your view. It casts a shadow of doubt that hides us from the light. It threatens to puncture our heart if we face it head on.

If you want to consider the possibilities of God, you must venture beyond the tree. There you’ll find the truth—a truth that exists outside of answers and far away from facts.

Because you see, facts are not truths. Facts are proven and thus can be disproved.

But truth.

Truth isn’t tested. Truth comes from God. Truth is God.

Whether you want to find faith in God, you’ve lost faith, or you believe in atheism, you must choose if you will believe in God.

Truth narrates the real story and you can only accept it when you leave the facts and head towards the possibilities. Towards the unexplainable.

Might you be willing to explore and uncover something you didn’t expect?

If you are, God isn’t finished with you yet.

He’s quietly calling you from the woods, promising you that the tree isn’t what it seems.

I can’t clear the image of what appears to be a very tragic accident out of my mind. The mangled mess of a truck waits in complete ruin, while a spear-like branch penetrates open space where my brother’s heart would most definitely have been.

The explainable sights convince me that my little brother, with his mischievous smile and big heart, lost his life that day.

But then there’s the unexplainable truth that the tree doesn’t want me to believe. That the facts of the photo will never speak.

My brother walked away from the wreckage with minor injuries.

He was saved…quite possibly by the unknown and unexplainable beyond the tree.

Feel hopeless? Want to change your life? Finding faith in God can give you hope and peace. Whether you want to find faith in God, you’ve lost faith, or you believe in atheism, you must choose if you will believe in God.



4 thoughts on “Proof of God Exists in the Unexplainable

  1. Wow, how powerful is this post, Crystal! Your writing and logic is exquisite and on point. Thank you for sharing! And I’m so grateful that God protected your brother from a tragic end! But, then we know, for every believer, our tragic end is just the beginning of an existence and life that is mind-bogglingly amazing! Pinning this one for sure.

  2. brendan says:

    hi you need to learn to live and let live, in other words you believe what you want amd leave us atheists to believe what we want.

    you need to understand that you are not neccesarily right in your beliefs and us atheists are not neccesarily wrong

    • Hi Brendan. I appreciate you coming to read my blog and your comment. I would never want to force my faith on anyone because honestly, faith is not faith if someone is coerced into, so I hope you didn’t feel that way. My hope is that this blog will serve the needs of those who do put their faith and trust in God or who are trying to decide if they should put their faith and trust in God. I would never want anyone to feel like they didn’t have a choice in what to believe. I believe that God gave us all free will and so it is everyone’s right to believe or not believe in what they want.

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