How Can I Help You?

Can I Help You Find Faith?

This life of faith can be like a roller coaster, can’t it? Peaks. Valleys. Everything in between. There are days when I struggle to find God and need some mega encouragement. Ever experience those? Maybe bills overwhelm you. Perhaps your responsibilities at work and/or home leave little time for faith. Or my personal favorite: You grow weary in well doing.

You believe God can do anything. But can you see him working in your life?

I call these find faith days.

On these days I need to seek and find my Savior. He’s always there; however, sometimes I need to simplify my life, quiet my heart, and/or change my attitude and circumstances in order to reconnect with Him. Does this ever happen to you?

Is today a find faith day? If so, check out the below blog post or visit the Find Faith section for more blog posts.

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Can I Help You Grow Faith?

You cling to His promises. You obey His commandments. You strive to live by faith and grow faith. What better a way to boost your assurance in the Lord than allowing Him to work in your life, especially when your flesh and the world tells you not to.

I love the description of faith in Hebrews 11:1 (KJV):

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

When you grow faith, you plant and care for seeds in hopes that God will grow them. You give Him opportunities to provide the evidence of His work in your life.

Do you long for this evidence?

Do you hope and pray for a strong faith and a mature relationship with Christ?

I sure do!

Would you like to grow faith with me? If so, check out the below blog post or visit the Grow Faith section for more blog posts.

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Can I Help You Share Faith?

Where would you be had it not been for someone sharing the love of Jesus with you? If Christians do not share their faith, no one would need to find faith or grow faith!

How can you share faith?

Tell others. Join a ministry at church. Put your faith on display for others to see, whether it be via your character or your selfless acts of service. Don’t miss sharing the best gift you have ever received with others.

Do you want to find ways to share faith or improve how you share it? If so, check out the below blog post or visit the Share Faith section for more blog posts.

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