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3 Roadblocks Stopping You From Following God’s Will (And How to Go Around Them!)

Did you  know that God called Isaiah to walk around “naked” and barefoot for 3 years!? 

Why would God ask Isaiah to cast himself into a state of shame and humiliation?

These questions revealed my doubt in God despite His abundant display of forgiveness, mercy, and grace and regardless of the continual proof that He is faithful and full of purpose.  I know God loves me and wants only the best for my life. Don’t you? So why do we doubt? 

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How to Find Restoration in the Sufficiency of Christ

Sometimes when I’m not careful, I tell myself that I am enough. I claim self-sufficiency rather than seeking out the sufficiency of Christ.

My dear friends, don’t make this mistake with me! 

Do you ever find yourself trying to do it all without the help of Jesus?

Have you ever been so blinded by what you’re trying to accomplish that you forget about the heavenly reasons you were doing it in the first place?

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This will be introduction text to the blog post. Not sure how much text I will use yet. Enough to pull the reader. 

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