4 Truths About Humility and Humbleness

Do you ever consider the humility of Jesus when you recall the Christmas story? From Jesus’ humble beginnings we can learn about the importance of humility and the place it has in our lives. Humility likely doesn’t enter your mind first when thinking about Christmas. If you’re like me, your initial thoughts are of joy Read More

Cultivate Gratitude: How to Transform a Negative Attitude into Gratitude

Gratitude should exist beyond Thanksgiving and Christmas. Christians can live out their faith and display the character of Jesus by having gratitude every day of the year, even during difficult times. Anticipation or dread. We each cling to one of these at the thought of the holidays. For many families, the holidays offer the perfect Read More

Focus on Jesus: 3 Questions That Put Your Focus Back on Him

Us woman strengthen our faith in God when we focus on Jesus. But distractions and personal desires can blur our focus on Jesus and transform our christian living into worldly living. Luckily, we can use reflective questions to make our focus on Jesus clear again. “Lord, help me to do more.” A meager prayer, but Read More