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Focus on Jesus: Questions That Put Focus Back on Him

I see the desperation of a dying world all around me. Don’t you? Those fighting for their lives in countries where fear permeates the hours of every day.  The lost masking hurt and pain with drugs and alcohol.  A great nation so divided that differing opinions validate hate.

And yet, I do little to help even though I know the cure for a broken world.


He replaces fear with peace and mends broken hearts with love that has no boundaries. His truth crushes the lies that imprison the lost, setting them free.


Why can’t I focus on you more? 

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Cultivate Gratitude: How to Transform a Negative Attitude into Gratitude

Doesn’t the Lord want everyone to experience joy during the holidays?

Yes, He does. However, our King wants more for us. He desires us to experience joy not only in the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas, but to live a life filled with joy every day. (Spoiler: Joy doesn’t come from circumstances—it comes from above.)

Now, how do you find joy when circumstances of life rise and fall like the stormy waves of the sea? 

Well, for starters, stop looking at all those waves and find the beauty in the sea.  

Find the things you can be thankful for and cultivate gratitude.

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Love Your Children Like Jesus: A 7-Day Challenge

Us moms know a thing or two about love. Or do we?

Confession time: I struggle with loving my children the way I should. The selfish parts of me lash out at my children when they interrupt my “me time.” (Don’t they know I need time to myself?) And I lose patience when my youngest accidentally spills his glass of milk. (Why isn’t he more careful?)

Sometimes I treat my children like little adults instead of the precious gifts and mold-able children that they really are. I even set unrealistic expectations in areas of life that don’t  really matter (e.g.—that stupid glass of milk).

Do unrealistic expectations for your children ever diminish your ability to love your children the way you should?

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How to Find Restoration in the
Sufficiency of Christ

Sometimes when I’m not careful, I tell myself that I am enough. I claim self-sufficiency rather than seeking out the sufficiency of Christ.

My dear friends, don’t make this mistake with me! 

Do you ever find yourself trying to do it all without the help of Jesus?

As I began writing this post, the power of self-sufficiency tried to pull me away from my Savior with a loudness that’s hard to ignore. (I already know what I’m going to write, so let’s get started!) But then a soft urging reminded me to seek Jesus first through prayer before I continued to write.  (Jesus, give me the words you want me to say, rather than the words I want to say.)

Perhaps praying for the words for a post that may never get read seems inconsequential, but not to my heavenly Father. He wants to mold every part of who I am. But He’s not going to force me into the shape He’s planned for me or scream from the mountain tops to get my attention. I need to seek Him out in order for Him to restore me into the most marvelous masterpiece He intended me to be. I need to want to find the restoration in the sufficiency of Christ.

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But mostly, I am a perfectly imperfect follower of Christ.  Can you relate? 

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