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Want to find, grow, or share your faith in God? Look no further. I'm Crystal Parenteau and at this blog I hope to inspire new believers and christian women to humbly follow Jesus with Faith at the Foot of the Cross.

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Focus on Jesus: Questions That Put Focus Back on Him

I see the desperation of a dying world all around me. Don’t you? Those fighting for their lives in countries where fear permeates the hours of every day.  The lost masking hurt and pain with drugs and alcohol.  A great nation so divided that differing opinions validate hate.

And yet, I do little to help even though I know the cure for a broken world.


He replaces fear with peace and mends broken hearts with love that has no boundaries. His truth crushes the lies that imprison the lost, setting them free.


Why can’t I focus on you more? 

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What You Need to Know About Your Purpose

What might be preventing you from seeing your purpose?

You struggle with what others think of you (and what you think of yourself).

As babies, the assessment of who we are and how well we perform begins. Parents, family, and even strangers evaluate us to determine what type of person we will become based on developmental milestone and temperament.

From the get-go we learn the importance of measuring up. We excel because of the praise of others and sink into defeat when we don’t meet expectations.

This isn’t your purpose in life. 
You weren’t created to live a life centered around achievement. You don’t have to become someone special. You were special before you entered the world.

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Love Your Children Like Jesus: A 7-Day Challenge

Us moms know a thing or two about love. Or do we?

Confession time: I struggle with loving my children the way I should. The selfish parts of me lash out at my children when they interrupt my “me time.” (Don’t they know I need time to myself?) And I lose patience when my youngest accidentally spills his glass of milk. (Why isn’t he more careful?)

Sometimes I treat my children like little adults instead of the precious gifts and mold-able children that they really are. I even set unrealistic expectations in areas of life that don’t  really matter (e.g.—that stupid glass of milk).

Do unrealistic expectations for your children ever diminish your ability to love your children the way you should?

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Dear Mom of a Difficult Child

Dear mom of a difficult child:

When you thought about what your life would look like with children, you didn’t include all this heartache, did you?

You didn’t envision the never-ending tantrums or the unconsolable tears. Nor did you plan for the different ways you’d strive to tame your child or the neverending failure of tried and true parenting tactics.

Did you imagine the millions of reasons your peaceful and perfect baby would give you to doubt yourself as a mom and woman?

No, I’m sure the boundless love in your heart threw out those possibilities.

But now as your dreams float away into the darkness and you’re suffocating in nearly every facet of your life, you find yourself broken by a precious someone you expected to make you whole.

I understand the struggles of parenting a difficult child.

Weary mom, I’ve experienced the excruciating pain and relentless insecurity that manifests when parenting a difficult child that needs more than discipline and direction. The tears run steady and fears of the future prick daily. The chaos of attempting to control the uncontrollable cause an undeniable emptiness.

I’ve endured the stares of shocked passerbyers experiencing rage that shouldn’t exist inside such a little body.

I’ve hid the anguish and shame that comes with doing everything you can for your child but feeling like your’re doing nothing at all.

The impact of a child struggling to behave ravaged my home, attacking my marriage and targeting the emotional stability of my other children. It crept into the lives of those close to us too, leaving them unsure of how to help.

I know the stress of it because I’ve existed in the alternative reality that develops only in the lives of mothers fighting to survive this type of storm.

But you don’t have to let the challenging behavior of a difficult child define you…

Welcome! I'm Crystal.

You are a huge blessing and your visit to this little ministry truly humbles me. I am a mom of three, wife of 12 years, obsessive reader, lover of lists, lazy skier and hiker, and recovering control-freak.

But mostly, I am a perfectly imperfect follower of Christ.  Can you relate? 

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